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BAMBOO Running Shirt


Ignite in this stellar top, whatever your schedule. The "RUNNER" feautures long sleeves, thumb holes, crew neck and Sheer Bamboo detail on the back. Style that is sure to keep you motivated and turn heads. Made in Canada for ebb & flo.

 Sizes   S     M     L   XL  XXL

Chest   31    32    33  34   36

Length 23.5  24.5  26  27  28

Bamboo apparel is comfortable, more breathable than cotton, fast drying, moisture-wicking and thermal regulating. It will keep you cooler in the summer and you can layer it to be warmer in the winter. It is the perfect fabric choice for those sensitive to allergens. Bamboo is inherently organic. It is grown without pesticides or chemicals, requires little water and is 100 % bio-degradable. It absorbs a very high percentage of carbon dioxide. It has been found to show no reduction in its antibacterial nature, even after 50 washes. Preshrunk, so there are no surprises when washed.

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